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Monsieur Saké

Sake finder

and private import agent in Quebec.

Monsieur Saké's mission is to find the best artisanal sake breweries and share their products with his friends and other lovers of this divine beverage.


For delicious sake, premium ingredients are not enough. The recipe is too complex. This is why Monsieur Saké meets the Kuramoto (brewery owners) and the Toji (master brewers), learns about their processes, ascertains their values and measures their passion. The brewery must get involved in its community, respect the land that provides it with tasty rice, and protect the water source.


Monsieur Saké sees to it that his friends can choose with pleasure the sake that best suits the occasion, the dish and the moment. Monsieur Saké also wishes to introduce laymen to the delights of the drink.

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