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importation privée, Monsieur Saké, saké, japanese sake, Sotembo Gaiden karakuchi junmai, junmai, Toji, 河忠酒造, nagaoka, Niigata, Japon, Japan

Located in Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture, and founded in 1765, Kawachu Shuzo 河忠酒造 is the craft brewery of the KAWAUCHI brothers, the ninth generation to ensure the sustainability of the family business.

As soon as they take control, Tsutomu, the general manager, and Tadayuki, the president (right) want to give their sakés a character that sets them apart from other sakés in Niigata. This is because the ease of obtaining quality rice and the disclosure of production methods have smoothed out the peculiarities of each and everyone. They decide to increase the use of Takanenishiki 高嶺錦 rice grown by their neighbours in Nagaoka.

The young Toji Masuo NOMIZU (left) contributes to provide specificity to the sakés of the Shuzo.

In January 2000, Kawachu shuzo put new sakes on sale under the name SOTEMBO 想天坊 among which the Sotembo Gaiden Karakuchi Junmai, a very dry but smooth sake, slightly acidic with an umami reminiscent of rice.


This microbrewery is located at the foot of Nishiyama, a 350m high mountain that separates the Sea of Japan from the Nagaoka plain. The very fresh water from the brewery’s well takes its source from the mountain.


Kawachu shuzo uses Koshitanrei rice and, most importantly, JAS certified organic Takane Nishiki 高嶺錦 purchased by direct contract from its neighbouring farmers.

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