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Jogen no Tsuki Junmai Daiginjo Namachozo上弦の月  4524255010059

Jôgen no Tsuki 上弦の月 translates to First Quarter Moon.

It is made in Sado by the toji Ichiro Kato, brewer of Kintsuru sake.


Jôgen no Tsuki Junmai Daiginjo is produced with all the Koshitanrei from a single organic rice field. We could say that it is the equivalent of a single malt.


It is a Namachozo that has matured raw at 5ºC.


It is elegant, lively, with a rich umami, rather sweet, beautifully fruity, slightly acidic.


It deserves to be served chilled.


Sakamai : Organically Grown Koshitanrei

Seimaibuai : 50%

Alchool: 16%

SMV: -2,3

Acidity 1.6

Jôgen no Tsuki 上弦の月 Junmai Daiginjo Namachozo

  • 12 x 720 ml

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