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KIJOSHU KOMAIZUMI KACHÔ, Morita, Aomori, 貴醸酒 駒泉 華頂, Kijoshu, 4997613012499

貴醸酒 駒泉 華頂

The Kijoshu Komaizumi Kachö (貴醸酒 駒泉 華頂) is a sake produced by MORITA shôbé using a process based on the Shiori method prized by the nobles of the Heian period (between 794 and 1185 AD).
The process involves replacing a part of the final addition of water to the Moromi (mash) with saké, a Junmai Ginjo in this case.
Adding saké to the mash increases the alcohol level, which kills the yeasts. It slows down the conversion of sugar to alcohol and creates a sweeter, richer sake.
Slow fermentation in fresh water at low temperature forms a complex and syrupy sake, giving it a delicate and elegant taste of figs and roasted nuts.
The Kijoshu Komaizumi Kachö divinely pairs with cheeses and desserts.

Pale amber

SMV -30, Very sweet.

Acidity: 1.8

Alcohol: 16%

Sakamai: Hanaomoi rice from Aomori Prefecture

Polishing ratio: 55%


  • 12 x 200 ml

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