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Kirinzan Yawaraka Junmai, saké de Niigata japanese sake. 4920066721700

For this KIRINZAN YAWARAKA JUNMAI, Koshitanrei rice is used to grow the Koji. Koshiibuki rice is added into the mash. These grains, harvested near the brewery, have been 60% polished.

It offers fruit aromas and a rich rice taste, immediately refreshing, revealing a tangy umami.

Although delicious at room temperature, it can be drunk cold or slightly heated. In addition to seafood, with its slight acidity, it pleasantly accompanies grilled meats and fish as well as cheeses. It even pairs well with dark chocolate..

Sakamai: As Kojimai, Koshitanrei; as Kakemai, Koshiibuki
Seimaibuai: 60%
Alcohol: 15.4%
SMV: + 3
Acidity: 1.3



  • 12 x 720 ml     6 x 1800 ml

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