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Komaizumi Magokoro Junmai Daiginjo 駒泉真心純米大吟醸, Aomori, 4997613011041 Monsieur Saké

The MAGOKORO JUNMAI DAIGINJO is produced by Morita Shobe with Hanaomoi rice from Aomori after slow fermentation at low temperature typical of Nambu Toji guild methods that gives delicate aromas and a gentle Umami.

the MAGOKORO JUNMAI DAIGINJO presents generous but calm aromas of ripe pear with impressions of white flowers, garden-fresh herbs and hints of newly picked Aomori apples.

Well-balanced, it offers a hint of anise, fennel and Japanese pepper counterbalanced by the sweetness of wasanbon sugar. It is reminiscent of Aomori’s fresh apple with its light acidity present until the end.



Sakamai: Hanaomoi

Seimaibuai: 40%
Alcohol: 16 %
SMV +2

Acidity: 1.3


  • 6 x 720 ml

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