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Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo 4935787201882 真野鶴 大吟醸 万穂

Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo is, along with Manotsuru Junmai Daiginjo Miku, the flagship sake of the Obata Shuzo. It is a Daiginjo made with YamadaNishiki rice polished to the 35% level.

The Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo wins prizes in prestigious competitions every year.

The Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo has  generous and complex nose, it offers aromas of ripe peach, orange peel and cotton candy.

The attack is soft and silky with a rather peppery finish.

Sakamai: Yamada Nishiki

Seimaibuai: 35%

Alcohol: 16.5%

SMV: ± 0

Acidity: 1.1

Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo

  • 6 x 720 ml

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