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The Manotsuru Daiginjo Maho arrives in Quebec

Updated: Mar 25

From April 2024, Manotsuru Daiginjo Maho 真野鶴 万穂 大吟醸酒 will be available in Quebec.

It is one of the best Daiginjo, it is brewed with YamadaNishiki rice at a polishing rate of 35%.

Manotsuru Daiginjo Maho 真野鶴 万穂 大吟醸酒 is one of Obata Shuzo's emblematic sakés which owes its name to its former Toji (brewer master), Maho Matsui, who was considered one of the best Toji in the Japan.

The Manotsuru Daiginjo Maho offers a sweet aroma of ripe melons and pears, and wasanbon sugar. On the palate, the texture is silky, the taste is a bit peppery and sharp, and the finish is rather mineral.

Since 2001, the Manotsuru Daiginjo Maho has won numerous prices, including the Gold Award at the Japanese National New Sake Awards 13 times and the IWC Gold Medal twice.


International Wine Challenge :

The Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo is regularly awarded at the International Wine Challenge:

  • 2023 Commanded

  • 2015 Gold Medal

  • 2010 Bronze Medal

  • 2008 Bronze Medal

  • 2007 Gold Medal

In 2023:
  • In May, it won the gold medal again at the Japan National New Sake Awards 全国新酒鑑評会, a competition organized by the National Brewing Research Institute 独立行政法人酒類総合研究所 and the Japan Sake and Shochu Manufacturers Association 日本酒造組合中央会. Prize also won in the years 2001 to 2006, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2023.

  • Milano Sake Challenge :🥇🥇 DOUBLE GOLD AWARD

  • Oriental Sake Awards de Hong Kong : Gold Medal 


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