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SHIJÔ NO MAGOKORO Junmai Daiginjo Namachozo, Morita Shobe, Aomori, UPC 4997613020845

This is a new saké from MORITA SHÔBÉ. Because it is brewed in very small quantities (600 x 500 ml bottles per year), it’s a rarity even in Japan.


The SHIJÔ NO MAGOKORO JUNMAI DAIGINJO NAMACHOZO is produced with 40% polished Gin Eboshi rice which provides a generous Ginjoka. Its Junmai character offers it a richer taste.

Because it was pasteurized only before bottling, it has matured raw and acquired a complexity of taste woitn with hints of raspberry.

It’s a dry sake, but very silky.


Those who liked Magokoro Daiginjo Namachozo will love this sake.


Sakamai: Gin Eboshi

Seimaibuai: 40%

Alcohol: 15%

SMV : + 5

Acidity: 1.2


  • 6 x 500 ml

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