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Sotembo Gaiden Karakuchi Junmai, Niigata. 4525535000852

Made by the Kawachu microbrewery from Takane Nishiki 高嶺錦 organically grown rice, SOTEMBO GAIDEN KARAKUCHI JUNMAI has a perfect balance between the nuances of fresh melon and the sweet aromas of rice; light, dry, crisp, and lively, it is easy and pleasant to drink on its own or paired with either raw fish or grilled meats. Warmed, its gentle umami blossoms.
Since it is completely handmade, its price is more than reasonable.


Sakamai : JAS certified organic Takane Nishiki 高嶺錦

Seimaibuai : 65 %
Alcohol: 16 %
SMV: + 10
Acidity: 1.4


  • 12 x 720 ml     6 x 1800 ml

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