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It is not a legend, the Yukiotoko is truly rescuing mountaineers!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The YUKIOTOKO 雪男 (Snowman) brand derives its name and logo from the hairy creature that appears in the Hokuetsu Seppu 北越雪譜 (North Etsu Province snow stories).

It is a book chronicling the snowy life of Uonuma written by Bokoshi SUZUKI 鈴木牧之 in the early 19th century.

The Yukiotoko roamed the many snow-capped mountains of Ichigo the save the hikers in distress.

The Ichigo mountains that border the city Minami Uonuma attract outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world and a quarter of mountain accidents in the Niigata Prefecture occur in this region.

Since 2010, Aoki Shuzo has donated part of the sales of its Yukiotoko sakes to the Mountaineering Accident Prevention Council of the Minami Uonuma region. It’s not a legend, the Yukiotoko really protects mountain hikers!

Aoki Shuzo, Mr. Tsutomu ABE, Yukiotoko. Minami-Uonuma
Mr. Tsutomu ABE, Aoki Shuzo, making a donation to the Mountaineering Accident Prevention Council.


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